In her her 4th of 6 interviews with EHealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses what it could look like for a couple to actively work on becoming better partners to one another in the coming year. If they applied the same time, effort, and skill sets they used to planning their wedding, as they did to their relationship, where could their relationship be at the end of a year? Questions discussed were: 

  1. Why do people have such a hard time taking accountability for their own part in what went wrong in a relationship?
  2. How common is communication an issue in relationships?
  3. Can a couple change a relationship at any point if they learn to communicate?
  4. Does what each person wants in a relationship change over time?
  5. What role does anger play in a relationships success or failure?

Hopefully this give you a few ideas that can be used in your own relationship if it needs a little help. 

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