In her third of the 6 part series with EHealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses common sense parenting after a divorce with host Eric Michaels. Some of the questions discussed are:

  1. Why is this such an essential issue to talk about, and why do people get so angry to talk about it?
  2. What are some of the most common mistakes people are making?
  3. What is some essential advice every parent should remember?
  4. What does every child need---when going through this?
  5. You make a strong point that you know how hard this is, and that this is without judgement, but how can someone help an ex-partner who is resistant to hearing how they are hurting the children?

Tune in to find out some ways to make it easier to navigate this very difficult time for yourself, and most importantly your children. Realize that there is no judgment, as everyone makes mistakes and is doing the best they can, but everyone can decide to change how they are doing things at any time. 

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