In the 5th of her 6 part series with Ehealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses some essential concepts we should each be putting in place to achieve and maintain balance in our daily and weekly lives. She covers a wide variety of areas and topics to help achieve balance in all areas of your life, but also demonstrates how truly minor changes in each, can have truly major changes in terms of "feeling" balanced. Host Eric Michaels Discusses:

  1. What inspired the idea of coming up with the "must have's for a balanced life?"
  2. What are some of the essentials that we might not think of?
  3. What is something that we might feel guilty about, but is actually really important?
  4. What is something we need to try and change our thinking about?
  5. How hard is it to actually have a balanced life?

Have a listen, and see how easily and quiickly you can achieve more balance in your own life. 

In her her 4th of 6 interviews with EHealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses what it could look like for a couple to actively work on becoming better partners to one another in the coming year. If they applied the same time, effort, and skill sets they used to planning their wedding, as they did to their relationship, where could their relationship be at the end of a year? Questions discussed were: 

  1. Why do people have such a hard time taking accountability for their own part in what went wrong in a relationship?
  2. How common is communication an issue in relationships?
  3. Can a couple change a relationship at any point if they learn to communicate?
  4. Does what each person wants in a relationship change over time?
  5. What role does anger play in a relationships success or failure?

Hopefully this give you a few ideas that can be used in your own relationship if it needs a little help. 

In her third of the 6 part series with EHealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses common sense parenting after a divorce with host Eric Michaels. Some of the questions discussed are:

  1. Why is this such an essential issue to talk about, and why do people get so angry to talk about it?
  2. What are some of the most common mistakes people are making?
  3. What is some essential advice every parent should remember?
  4. What does every child need---when going through this?
  5. You make a strong point that you know how hard this is, and that this is without judgement, but how can someone help an ex-partner who is resistant to hearing how they are hurting the children?

Tune in to find out some ways to make it easier to navigate this very difficult time for yourself, and most importantly your children. Realize that there is no judgment, as everyone makes mistakes and is doing the best they can, but everyone can decide to change how they are doing things at any time. 

In her second interview of a 6 part series with EHealthradio, Dr. Martinez discusses the importance of focusing on the life after the wedding day. Host Eric Michaels discusses a number of topics during this interview with Dr. Martinez including:

  1. You have written a number of articles about the idea of focusing on the life more than the wedding. What do you mean by this?
  2. What issues do you see come up early in marriages when people lose site of focusing on the relationship in these early days?
  3. If individuals don't form these building blocks, what problems could arise?
  4. What kind of issues do you see with "early couples" coming into therapy?
  5. What is the most important thing for couples to keep sight of?

Have a listen and see what it is important to keep sight of, and even what tools you are developing that are strengths you can carry over into your life together. 

Dr. Martinez joins Ehealth radio for her first in a series of 6 interviews to discuss why Collaborative divorce is a more attractive route for many couples who are going through divorce. If divorce is inevitable, she discusses this option as a way of being less contensious, getting each of your needs met, feeling heard, and walking away with a better relationship with one another, and often without having to go to court. Listen to this episode if this is a route you might not have considered. 

In The 6th Interview of her current 6 part series to end the year with Ehealth radio, Dr, Martinez discusses some valuable tools and life lessons people wish they knew as a kid, but it is not too late to learn as adults. Lessons that can have a positive impact on our lives and our functioning in many areas. Don't miss her next series, which should debut early 2018. 

In her 5th interview of the 6 part series of interviews with eHealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses the importance of knowing each of our individual pocesses to get something from an idea, or even ot an idea, and then t a finished product. Many of us have amazing thougths and ideas, but we do not know how to out them into action. Dr. Martinez will discuss finding the best ways that work for you by utilizing with your strengths, and using them to map out the steps you will follow to you goal. 

In her 4th interview of a 6 part series with EHealth Radio Network, Dr. Martinez discusses the concept of the promise of "For Better of For Worse." What does did this concept mean to people, and what does it mean to people, are people truly in things for the long haul no matter what. It is about being honest with ourselves and asking the hard questions, but also loving and looking at ourselves and each other without judgement. 

Therapy to Negotiate the END of a Relationship????? While this might seem odd, it could be the smartest move you make in the process. With issues like custody, pets, finances, homes, possessions, and hurt feelings, an unbiased third party might be just what you need to help navigate the choppy waters and end things with some dignity and sanity. 



In the next of her series of interviews with ehealthradio, Dr. Martinez discusses how we can move forward in a positive way, and redefine ourselves after divorce. 

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