In the 5th of her 6 part series with Ehealth radio, Dr. Martinez discusses some essential concepts we should each be putting in place to achieve and maintain balance in our daily and weekly lives. She covers a wide variety of areas and topics to help achieve balance in all areas of your life, but also demonstrates how truly minor changes in each, can have truly major changes in terms of "feeling" balanced. Host Eric Michaels Discusses:

  1. What inspired the idea of coming up with the "must have's for a balanced life?"
  2. What are some of the essentials that we might not think of?
  3. What is something that we might feel guilty about, but is actually really important?
  4. What is something we need to try and change our thinking about?
  5. How hard is it to actually have a balanced life?

Have a listen, and see how easily and quiickly you can achieve more balance in your own life. 

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